Comprehensive Plan

The purpose of the Comprehensive Plan (also called Master Plan) is to provide an ordered and well thought out plan of growth, image, type of commerce vis a vis the need and infrastructure in the Town. the key point of interest and commitment is to ensure the Town’s growth does not destroy or substantially change the rural, unspoiled natural resources and topography.

The Town’s Comprehensive Plan is the long-term blueprint, or template, for land use and development within the Town.

Generally, the Comprehensive Plan is updated every ten years, giving the Town an opportunity to reflect on the impact of development and community needs.

The Comprehensive Plan and its components provide a fascinating snapshot of the Town.

Areas researched and reported on to the Town Board by the Committee include:
  • The Land Development Plan
  • The Natural Resources Management Plan
  • The Infrastructure Plan (i.e. traffic flow, how services and information “flow”, etc)
  • Water Supply and Sewage
  • The Housing Plan
  • The Recreation and Open Space Plan
  • Community Facilities Plan
  • The Commercial Development Plan