Gina C. Capone – Judge

Louis DiCarlo – Judge

Carol Pasalides – Court Clerk

Drisy Piacente – Court Clerk

Office Hours:
8:00 AM to 4:00 PM
Monday through Friday

Phone:  (845) 526-3050
Fax: (845) 526-2930

Town Justice Courts in the State of New York handle criminal matters through trial level (including jury trials when necessary) as well as arraignments and preliminary hearings on felonies. The Court also hears vehicle and traffic cases and alleged offenses of violation level, such as harassment and trespass, which do not rise to misdemeanor level.

Civil matters and small claims involving no more than $3,000, (the one exception being a request for back rent in a summary proceeding as to which there is no jurisdictional limit), are also heard by the Justice Court.

A variety of matters involving alleged violations of local (town) laws such as Building or Zoning or Dog Control, as well as certain County Laws (i.e. matters brought by the Putnam County Consumer Affairs Department), and on occasion matters involving various State laws other than Penal and Vehicle and Traffic; i.e., Agriculture and Markets and Environmental Conservation Laws come before the Justice Court.

With such a strong local emphasis, it is little wonder that the Town and Village Courts of the State are justifiable known as the “People’s Court”, that is, the Court closest to the people it serves.