Dog Fees

Dog Licenses*
Town Fee Seniors (65+) $1.50
Town Fee (altered) $10.00
Town Fee (unaltered) $15.00
Animal Population Control Fund Fee (altered dogs) $1.00
Animal Population Control Fund Fee (unaltered dogs) $3.00
Purebred Licenses (1-10 Dogs)
Town Fee $25.00
Animal Population Control Fund Fee (altered dogs) $1.00 per dog
Animal Population Control Fund Fee (unaltered dogs) $3.00 per dog
Service Dogs 

Replacement Tag(s)

No Fee 

$3.00 (each)

Adoption Fee (Per Dog) $25.00
Impoundment Fees
First 24 hours $20.00
Per day until dog is claimed $10.00
Municipal Fee- Feeding and Maintenance $3.00 per day
Seizure Fee
First Time Written Warning
Second Time $25.00
Third time $50.00
Fourth Time $100.00


*The law requires that a dog license may not be issued for a time period extending beyond the expiration date of a dog’s rabies certificate.

Dog licenses issued on and after January 15, 2006, must NOT expire after the expiration date of the dog’s rabies certificate. In order to receive a full year license, a dog that is due for a rabies vaccination booster within the next license year would need to be immunized prior to license renewal.

This change affected all dogs licensed in New York State, except those licensed in New York City, which has a separate dog licensing law.

Pursuant to the New York Public Health Law, county public health authorities must offer free clinics every four months for the rabies vaccination of dogs, as well as for cats and domesticated ferrets.

For more information regarding the changes to the dog licensing program in Putnam Valley, please call the Putnam Valley Town Clerk’s office at (845) 526-3280.