Below are some frequently asked technical questions about how to use this website.  If the tips below do not resolve your issue or answer your question, please contact the Webmaster.

Having trouble navigating the website?  Here’s some helpful tips:

Try using the “Search” feature at the top of the website.




When you see an arrow on a tab while navigating this means that you can click on the main page and that there are additional pages that can be accessed.

For example, if you mouse over the Departments tab and then over Town Clerk & Taxes you will see pages for Town Clerk’s Info, Fees, Forms and Minutes appear.












If the BOX TURNS RED when hovering over it while navigating, that means it’s a link.

Links on the page also appear in red.  If in doubt as to whether or not text is a clickable link you can hover your mouse over it and you will see that an underline or color change occurs to indicate that it’s a link.

Having trouble opening or viewing documents?

Most document son the website are either Microsoft Word documents (.doc, .docx, .rtf) or Adobe Acrobat files (.pdf).

Download a free copy of Word Viewer if you don’t have Microsoft Word.

Download a free copy of Adobe Reader

Having trouble viewing the TV Channel Scroll or viewing the streaming video?

The TV Channel Scroll and streaming media require that you have an Adobe Flash plugin installed for your internet browser.

Download and install the free Adobe Flash internet browser plugin.

Having trouble viewing a .wmv video file that you downloaded?

WMV files are Windows Media Viewer files and require that you play then on a PC using Microsoft Media Player or download a compatible plugin for your Mac operating system.