Larry Cobb – Highway Superintendent

Joseph Hertelendy – General Foreman

Margaret Bradley – Senior Clerk to Highway Superintendent

Catherine Cobb Part-Time Clerk to Highway Superintendent


Office Hours:
Monday – Friday, 7 AM – 3:30 PM

Phone:  (845) 526-3333
Fax: (845) 526-4729

The Highway Superintendent is responsible for maintaining and repairing the town roads, ensuring the roads are cleared and safe for use, and responds to emergencies involving inclement weather affecting the roadways.

Mr. Cobb is responsible for the Highway Department budget, expenditures and contracts, and appropriate use of town equipment and supplies purchased and used by his Department.

The Highway Superintendent often makes decisions with the County’s Commissioner of Highway (County Highway Department (845/878-6331 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting 845/878-6331 FREE  end_of_the_skype_highlighting) regarding issues involving partnering with the County. An example of this is the new salt shed on Oscawana Lake Road which is shared by both our town and the county.

He also interfaces with the County Highway Department involving, but not limited to, issues where county and town roads cross. This allows for a better flow of services to the public. He has the power and authority to make decisions and set policy, assign staff, respond to calls from the public regarding inquiries or complaints (himself or via his staff), and determine what projects will be prioritized. It is his decision whether or not to give reports on Highway activity in person at each month’s Town Board televised meetings.

Although not a part of his official position he has volunteered to help with community projects such as improving the town park facilities.

Dear Residents of Putnam Valley and Lake Peekskill:

Providing safe roads for all Putnam Valley and Lake Peekskill residents require a team effort. We have a great team made up of men that are ready, willing and able to work long and hard to combat old man winter.
The Highway Department’s efforts and success would not be possible without the support of the Putnam Valley Town Board. Again this year the Supervisor and Council people have provided the funds necessary to purchase and maintain the equipment and materials necessary to get the job done. They should be congratulated for their foresight and their interest in public safety.

You, the Putnam Valley and Lake Peekskill taxpayer and resident, are a very important part to a successful snow and ice control campaign. Your understanding and cooperation are an integral part of our plan. To help inform you regarding our methods and give you a few helpful hints, we have compiled the following text.

Again, I would like to stress this is a team effort and I would like to thank all of the Highway Department employees, the Town board, the Sheriff’s Department, the Volunteer Fire Department, and Ambulance Corps, the Parks and Recreation Department, Lake Peekskill Improvement District employees, and all of the residents of the community for working together to provide a safe and healthy environment in the Town of Putnam Valley and Lake Peekskill.
Our Mission………….The Putnam Valley Highway Department is dedicated to providing safe, courteous, dependable and economical service, wherever and whenever possible for all our residents.