Lake Oscawana Management Advisory Committee (LOMAC)


Kathleen McLaughlin – Chairperson

Ellen Friedman

Mark Murphy

Jeffrey Coren

John Lafata

Supervisor Sam Oliverio – Town Board Liaison

Following the formation of a Lake Oscawana Tax District circa 1980, the Town of Putnam Valley created the Lake Oscawana Management Advisory Committee (formerly know as the Lake Oscawana Advisory Committee).  The Committee advises the Town regarding the District budget and lake management techniques based on current conditions in Lake Oscawana. LOMAC makes recommendations to the Town Board for management of the funds collected by the District and its activities include lake monitoring studies, harvester operation, watershed management and evaluation of techniques to address a variety of lake initiatives.  LOMAC has been an important voice in continuing to ensure that District, Town and State government resources are used to their fullest extent, to support the enforcement of current regulations of lake and watershed management, and to identify future Lake needs.

Members of this Committee must own property in the tax District and are appointed by the Town Board.

The District is funded through the collection of taxes from four tax tiers, which were created according to the location of the property in the District and deeded access to the lake.

  • Tier 1: Property with deeded lake access through a community beach or parcel
  • Tier 1A: Property with deeded walk through access across a designated lake front property
  • Tier 2: Property with a designated separate lakefront parcel included in their deed
  • Tier 3: Lakefront parcel

LOMAC Newsletters

2017 – Issue 1

2016 – Issue 1

General Information

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